Editor’s Note

Photo by Megan Stearns

Photo by Megan Stearns

COLLAPSAR 3 is here. Thank you so very much  for finding us. We’re proud to present work from writers from all across the country–from places as diverse as Berea, Kentucky to Massachusetts, from which three of our writers this issue hail. The familiar names of Chicago, Austin, Los Angeles and Brooklyn all check in as well, and this issue’s photographer, Megan Stearns, currently resides in Seattle, Washington.

From the very beginning we’ve wanted to feature writers from all over the place, from all walks of life, genders, ethnicities and sexual orientations. In this issue you’ll find work by four women and four men.We hope you enjoy the fruits of their labors as much as we enjoy the chance to present them to you.

Nathan Knapp & James Brubaker–January 2014 in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

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