Consider This: Links

Here’s what we loved reading on the internet this week:


Henri Cole on John Berryman at The New Yorker 

“The Trouble With Bats” by Dorian Fox in National Parks magazine

Michelle Dean on Adrienne Rich’s letters in The New Republic 

“The Rememberer,” fiction by Aimee Bender in The Missouri Review 

“Letter to a Tardigade,” a poem by E.E. Lampman as part of Rattle‘s “Poets Respond” series

And these two excerpts from Collapsar  contributor Elizabeth Wade’s poem, “If by life” at apt. 


Here’s what The Collapsar  published this week, in case you missed any:

Out of the Water, fiction by Rebekah Matthews

Science Rules: Brad Efford on Bill Nye the Science Guy, Episode 6: Gravity

Limbo, a poem by Lauren Bender

and some Shit We Like. 




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