Consider This: Links

Here’s what we loved reading on the internet this week:


It Felt Like Love by Collapsar contributor Brian Alan Ellis at Third Point Press.

Rhythms of Fear, an essay by Laura Maw at Hazlitt.

The Fierce Triumph of Loneliness by Helena Fitzgerald at Catapult.

The Bath: A Polemic by Jessi Klein at The New Yorker.

The Sky, a poem by Natalie Shapero at Verse Daily.

The Disappearing Threshold: Claudia Emerson and the Poetry of Mourning by Allison Seay at blackbird (originally published in The Hollins Critic).


And in case you missed any, here’s what The Collapsar  published this week:

A Monument to Monuments: A Review of Colin Rafferty’s Hallow This Ground by Susannah Clark 

Science Rules: Brad Efford on Bill Nye the Science Guy, Episode 9:  “Biodiversity”

Two Poems by Rae Gouirand

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