Our 2016 BEST OF THE NET Nominees


One of the greatest pleasures we have as editors is clicking the “Accept” button in Submittable. It’s one of those rare events in life entirely associated with good news: good for us, in that we’ve found an excellent story or poem, good for the writer in that her work gets to climb out of her hard drive and into the wonderful and terrible world.

But even better than that feeling is celebrating some of the best work we’ve published in the past year!

With that, here are our 2016 Best of the Net nominations:


Aleyna Rentz: A Good Family from Tennessee
Spencer Fleury: When the Drought Finally Ends


Brian Oliu: Kilometer Zero
Brad Efford: Science Rules – Bill Nye the Science Guy, Episode 6: “Gravity”


Michael Smeltzer: Seventeen Ways through Grief

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