Call for Culture Section Editor


Hi Folks,

James, here. I’ll be stepping down from editing the culture section, here, as I’ll be taking on some new editorial duties elsewhere in January. As such, we’re looking for a new editor to produce content for, solicit submissions for, edit, and curate the culture section. The position is unpaid, but is a lot of fun if you’re into this sort of thing. So far, the culture section has been primarily focused on music and has a couple of running features. You can continue doing the same kinds of things or move the section in new directions—it’s your prerogative.

If you’re interested in applying, hit us up with a submission to the culture section including:

  1. A cover letter describing your experience as an editor, your interests in culture/pop culture, and any ideas you might have for the future of The Collapsar’s culture section.
  2. A CV of relevant experience
  3. One piece of writing (an essay or review) representative of your own writing about culture
  4. Anything else that might be of interest.


We’ll set a soft deadline of 11/30 for applications, but will continue looking past that if the position isn’t filled.


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