Meet Our New Fiction Editor!

As The Collapsar’s relaunch draws near, we are pleased to introduce you to our new Fiction Editor, Janey Tracey!

Here’s a little bit about Janey: Janey Tracey’s real name is Meredith, but she also answers to JT, Janes, Feminazi, and the opening lick to “Janie’s Got a Gun.” She loves Milton, the Oxford comma, nineteenth-century novels, and nineties pop music. She is a firm believer that the word “summer” should never be used as a verb, that epic poetry should stage a comeback, and that the perfect date is April 25th, because you only need a light jacket.


Those of you who have been waiting ever so patiently for a response to your submission will hear back very soon! If you would like to submit fiction, or any other kind of writing, check out our Submittable page. 


Stay tuned for a brand new Collapsar! 

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