Fisayo Adeyeye: Fever 

Sam Annis: Variations on the Theme of How To Save Your Father

Andrew Arnold: The Many (Mostly True) Faces of Father John Misty, Fargo: A Screen Divided Rises Above the Rest

Matt Austin: Ranking Aloha’s Discography 

Bradley Babendir: Cryogenics 

Julie Brooks Barbour: Two Poems

Georgia Bellas: Three Poems

Lauren Bender: Limbo

Patrick Benjamin: U.S. Uppercut

Molly Jean Bennett: Two Poems 

Annie Billancini: St. Stephen, the First Martyr

Gabriel Blackwell: An excerpt from Madeleine E., Reading Lately 

Tabitha Blankenbiller: RIP, tibbyhime

J. Bradley: Four Poems

Sandro Braidotti: Barcelona, 1972 

Audrey T. Carroll: Knowledge, Bliss, and Danger in the Female Narrative

Tobias Carroll: You in Reverse

Vincent Chu: The Longhorns

Lisa Ciccarello: From Everything Makes a Noise When it Reveals Itself

Laura Citino: Migration 

Chelsea Coreen: Four Poems

Tasha Cotter: Two Poems

Leesa Cross-Smith: Get Rowdy

Libby Cudmore: Pinterest Paris, Delicate and Fragile: A Conversation with James Brubaker and Libby Cudmore

Lindsay D’Andrea: Three Poems 

Justin Lawrence Daugherty: Most Men Forget

Dalton Day: Two Poems

Dana Diehl: TV Girls

Rhea DeRose-Weiss: How I loved You in Our Youth and Across Multiple State Lines

Mensah Demary: Reading Lately

Steve Edwards: Backbone

Brad Efford: I Second That Emotion, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Episode 1: Flight, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Episode 2: The Earth’s Crust , Bill Nye the Science Guy Episode 3: “Dinosaurs” , Bill Nye the Science Guy, Episode 4: “Skin”, On Curation, Bad Rapping and Bleached Assholes: A Conversation about Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo , Bill Nye the Science Guy, Episode 5: Buoyancy, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Episode 6: Gravity 

Brian Ellis: Review of Bridget Fonda by Elizabeth Ellen 

Phil Estes: Two Poems

Eve L. Ewing: to the guest critic in my studio art course who said my work looked like graffiti, Excerpts from an Interview with Metta World Peace…

Brian Flota: Album Review of: Montage of Heck: The Home Recordings

Spencer Fleury: When the Drought Finally Ends

Robert Long Foreman: The Candidate

Elisa Gabbert: Reading Lately

 J.M. Gamble: Two Poems

D.G. Geis: Loose Ends

Bayard Godsave: Book Review of Steven Church’s Ultrasonic

Ken Hada: Review of Meg Thompson’s Farmer

Joel Hans: Darkest Spots in the Galaxy

Jacqueline Haskins: The Nine Thousand Directions of Forward

Dillon Hawkins: The Katie Tape 

Kyle Hays: And Never Climbs Back In

Brandon Hobson: In Conversation with Wiley Wiggins , In Conversation with Deron Bauman, founder of elimae

Amorak Huey: Two Poems

Sarah Hughes: Four Poems

Andrew Keating: The Bodies of Our Loved Ones are Decaying in Space

Neal Kitterlin: Four Poems

Robert Kloss: An Excerpt From The Woman Who Lived Among the Cannibals, Or, The Lonesome Vastness

Christopher Linforth: Reconstruction

Joseph Mains: Five Poems

Sam Martone: Downpour

Rebekah Matthews: Out of the Water 

Melissa Matthewson: Gather & Fetch

Jennifer McGuiggan: Velocity

Samantha Memi: What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Chris Middleman: Two Poems

Amanda Miska: Tell Me

Josiah Meints: In Which Godzilla Questions Where His Life is Going

Kayla Miller: Oppositional Thumb (After Lu Xun)

Caitlin Renee Miller: The Holy Grail of Adulthood: A Conversation About Colleen Green’s “I Want to Grow Up”

Caridad Moro-Gronlier: At Least I Didn’t Rape You

Chris Moyer: Near Earth Objects

Ray Nayler: Two Poems

Connor Towne O’Neill: The Ferryman of Orcus is a Low-Down Lazy Bastard

Cari Oleskewicz: Five Poems

Kevin O’Rourke: A Brighter Shade Of

Wendy C. Ortiz: Two PoemsMudhoney, Reading Lately 

Holly Painter: Three Poems

Triin Paja: Three Poems

Sarah Pape: Her, Bodily

Tina Parker: Four Poems

Adam Peterson: An excerpt from Sire Lines of America

Emilia Phillips: Three Poems 

Kenneth Pobo: Thomas Edison Dahlia

Jessy Randall: Good Dissonance: Two Poets on Horns, Rhyme & Mortality on David Bowie’s Blackstar 

Aleyna Rentz: A Good Family From Tennessee 

Rob Roensch: In Conversation on Wussy’s Forever Sounds

Daniel Romo: Two PoemsThree Poems

Kathleen Rooney: Le Joueur Secret

MH Rowe: Personal Void

Tatiana Ryckman: The Holy Grail of Adulthood: A Conversation About Colleen Green’s “I Want to Grow Up”

Matt Sailor: Do You Want New Wave or Do You Want the Truth

Ryan Sartor: Peter

Matthew Savoca: Sword Drills

Michael Schmeltzer: Two Poems

Michael J. Seidlinger: Reading Lately 

Daniel M. Shapiro: Good Dissonance: Two Poets on Horns, Rhyme & Mortality on David Bowie’s Blackstar

Ray Shea: Four Poems

Sam Sheldon: A Home and A Country

Greg Shemkovitz: In Conversation with James Brubaker on Beach Slang’s Things We Do To Find People Like Us

Tanuj Solanki: The History of a Dream

Maggie Sullivan: Red

Amber Sparks: Reading Lately

Deborah Taffa: On Delillo Cultural Hysteria, and the Fear that My Womb is a List

Jill Talbot: What Doesn’t Break Loose

Patrick Thornton: Marissa Cooper is Dead: Some Notes on the OC

Doug Thorpe: Reading Lately 

Kevin Tosca: Lions 

Joanna C. Valente: Two Poems 

Crissy Van Meter: About Fishing

Natalie Vestin: The Word for the Gone Place in the Belly

William VanDenBerg: A Light in the River

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Lori White: Budwood 

Patrick Williams: Three Poems